Save your soles

Chose wholly, not holey!

Full or half soles

FULL worn soles and heels are removed. The old cork filler is removed and replaced with new cork filler to cushion and insulate. The metal shank is replaced if necessary. When we repair the sole, we use only the finest grade leather or rubber sole to give you the greatest value for your money. A quality rubber heel or stylish combination heel is attached to a new solid leather base and is secured to the sole with glue and threaded nails to ensure a proper bond.

HALFsoles and heels are recommended on ladies shoes due to the delicate nature of most leather uppers. We beautifully dove-tail the new sole to ensure comfort and fit. The uppers are cleaned of old dirt and polish. Then lanolin oil is applied. Next, a beauty finish is reapplied and sealed with a factory finished topcoat for a new beautiful appearance.